27 Protravel Luxury Travel Experts Exclusively Invited to 2017 International Luxury Travel Market

December 4, 2017

It is an honor and a privilege to lead Protravel’s delegation of over 20 of our best-in-class travel agents as they once again reaffirm their commitment to provide their discriminating clients with unsurpassed travel experiences, service and care

Protravel Agents Share Their Thoughts About this Year’s Main Event for the Global Luxury Travel Community in Cannes, France


New York, NY (December 04, 2017) – Today, Protravel International announced that 27 of its premier luxury travel agents and executives have received the highly-coveted invitations to the world’s leading luxury travel event: ILTM – the International Luxury Travel Market. Held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès in Cannes from December 4-7, the world’s most prestigious travel event will bring together the elite of the industry to showcase the latest trends in ultra-luxury travel. Protravel’s agent advisors have long been invited to ILTM; they are eager to attend this year’s event as “VIP Buyers” and share their thoughts and expectations.


“It is an honor and a privilege to lead Protravel’s delegation of over 20 of our best-in-class travel agents as they once again reaffirm their commitment to provide their discriminating clients with unsurpassed travel experiences, service and care,” noted Gail Grimmett, President of Protravel International. “Receiving ILTM’s invitations is further testament to our travel agents and their remarkable service. We are proud that ILTM has recognized our expert agents’ distinguished qualifications in advising their clientele on the best in luxury leisure and corporate travel.”


Protravel International is proudly sending the following contingent of luxury travel agent advisors and executives, who accepted the exclusive invitations to attend ILTM as VIP Buyers:


-Barbara Kopelman – Protravel (Miami, FL)

-Catherine Ashurst – Protravel (London, UK)

-Corkie Van Zak – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)

-David Rappel – Protravel (Encino, CA)

-Donna Sevilla – Protravel (San Diego, CA)

-Fiona Bayne – Protravel (London, UK)

-Gail Grimmett – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Helen Zeilberger – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)

-Honey Moss – Protravel (Miami, FL)

-Janice Boyd – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Janice Martorano – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Jeff Sirota – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Jill Lustigman – Protravel (Roseland, NJ)

-Konstantinos Bastas – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Masha Englin – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Melissa Porzak – Protravel (San Diego, CA)

-Mickey Weill – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)

-Nancy Kay Streiter – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Nathalie Nagy – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Nathan Parker – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)

-Pamela Appleby – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)

-Polina Price – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Rebecca East – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)

-Roberta Long-Kelleher – Protravel (New York, NY)

-Samantha Hartman – Protravel (Roseland, NJ)

-Stacy Hart – Protravel (Boca Raton, FL)

-Vincent Caracausa – Protravel (Beverly Hills, CA)


ILTM is one of the world’s most prestigious events, bringing together the highest level of quality suppliers and buyers at an event with up to 52 exclusive one-on-one appointments, afterhours networking opportunities, tours for pre-and post-event familiarization, as well as up to four nights of luxury accommodations and transfers.


Protravel’s hand-picked agents are looking forward to convening with the industry’s elite in Cannes:


“It will be my first time joining my Protravel colleagues at ILTM, but I have a good understanding of what to expect,” said Protravel luxury travel agent, Masha Englin. “Receiving this sought-after invitation is a great honor and I am excited about the many exclusive opportunities to preview new products and meet face-to-face with the world’s leading travel suppliers to further enhance my knowledge and ability to offer my clients the finest travel experiences. I am always looking for different places and great new properties for my clients and I am certain ILTM is the place for new inspiration.”


“I am looking forward to the in-depth, focused time with selected partners to discuss and expand the existing cooperation for my clients at the various properties that are exhibited and the exposure to new travel suppliers and properties,” said Janice Martorano, Protravel luxury travel agent advisor. “Attending ILTM adds to my product knowledge, which is imperative to servicing my clients competitively. During my previous time at ILTM, it was very useful to meet and spend time networking with vendors and suppliers inside and outside of scheduled appointments and gain greater exposure and knowledge. It is very worthwhile to invest in yourself and this forum is really the best venue to do so.”


Beverly Hills-based Protravel luxury agent Corkie Van Zak mentioned: “I have been to ILTM once before and I was awe-inspired by the event. It keeps me current on what is happening in the travel industry in terms of trends and forecasts. This year, I am excited about meeting a diverse mix of new suppliers from around the world, especially those who are boutique or a ‘well-kept insider secret.’ I hope to build new relationships and reconnect with old ones.”


“I attended ILTM Americas last year in Mexico and I have never gained so much from a travel conference before. New relationships were built that have changed the way I book certain areas. I am hopeful that ILTM Cannes will be an even greater aspect of that,” said Stacy Hart, Protravel entertainment travel agent. “I would suggest to other agents to go out of their comfort zone and spend as much of their time with new suppliers that they do not yet know to try to learn new, creative ways to book properties or tours. It is easy to meet up with the familiar, but to expand beyond that can only further enhance your business.”


“Learning about new products, hotels and services, and making stronger connections with partners are just a few aspects I am hoping to gain from ILTM this year,” said Nathalie Nagy, Protravel luxury agent and Travel+Leisure A-list agent since 2004. “Through the event, I learn and become more knowledgeable about destinations around the world, so I can make better recommendations and arrangements for my clients. Also, by making stronger connections with the suppliers, I am able to pass this along to clients by way of offering them new experiences or upgrades, amenities and assistance at hotels I otherwise would probably not be able to.”


“This year will be my second time attending ILTM Cannes. I went in 2014 and in 2015, I attended ILTM Americas,” mentioned Protravel luxury travel expert, Roberta Long-Kelleher. “Both of my experiences at ILTM were amazing. I made new contacts worldwide, gained expert knowledge, and raised my level of professionalism. This experience is like no other in the industry, and it makes our job, once we return to our desk in our offices, much easier and streamlined because of the knowledge gained at ILTM.”


Protravel luxury travel expert, Nathan Parker said: “What I hope to gain from this year’s ILTM is industry insight into travel destinations I am not as familiar with. My clients focus on very specific locations with experiences tied to the local culture and I have been missing solid tour operators in certain areas that I think will be resolved through creating personal relationships with the best of the best while attending the conference. The more connections, knowledge, and exposure that I am able to absorb will directly impact my clients’ experiences and ROI on using a travel agency. There is something special to be said for having a personal connection with a supplier or brand that goes deeper than the general voice on the other end of the phone dynamic, which allows me to create trips that are more personal to what my client consider luxury.”


With an award-winning reputation, Protravel International is a recognized leader in corporate and luxury travel. Protravel was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in New York City. Protravel has grown to 20 locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, plus a network of hosted agents throughout the U.S.


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About Protravel International LLC:

Protravel International LLC is a Travel Leaders Group company. Founded in 1984, Protravel International LLC is a full-service, dynamic travel company with an award-winning reputation. Protravel is headquartered in New York City and supports 20 locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, plus a network of hosted agents in all corners of the U.S. Today, approximately 1,000 people make up the Protravel organization. Our expertise in destination, international faring and competitive products – coupled with our superior network of contacts in the airline, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry – makes Protravel one of the most powerful selling forces in the travel industry.


Protravel’s diversity of products, size of annual sales and nationally recognized stature permits them to leverage these strengths to bring the most competitive pricing and aggressive negotiations for our highly diverse client base. It is a company-wide commitment to search for the best possible travel options for our customers. Travel arrangements are personally tailored to take optimum advantage of the most up to the minute changes in the industry.


For many years, a dedicated team has guided Protravel with innovative ideas and skills. By incorporating the latest technologies and carefully monitoring industry developments, the finest products and highest levels of service are maintained. The continued success of Protravel is a testament to our sound operation and well-planned development.


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