Celebrate National Plan For Vacation Day by Booking Your Next Trip With a Travel Advisor

January 25, 2022

Whether you know where you want to go or you’re looking for suggestions, our travel advisors have unlimited ideas that will help you plan the ideal getaway.

Internova Travel Group reminds consumers that choosing to book travel through humans may be the best travel decision they could ever make


NEW YORK (January 25, 2022) – Travel industry surveys show that many people don’t use all of their vacation days during the year, affecting their health, relationships and job performance. That’s why today’s National Plan for Vacation Day (NPVD), powered by U.S. Travel Association, encourages Americans to plan their vacation days for the entire year at the start of the year. By planning ahead, people are more likely to take that well-deserved time off and are happier and healthier as a result.


And, according to a survey by Internova Travel Group, one of the world’s largest travel services companies, nearly 80 percent of Americans prefer working with a human being instead of an online travel agency to plan their next vacation. The level of personal care provided by a travel advisor is something that can’t be replicated online, a consideration that’s become especially apparent in the wake of the pandemic, when many consumers had their travel plans disrupted.


“Americans’ vacation time is precious, so when they want to get away, they should get advice from an experienced professional who can steer them toward the options that will make their trip a cherished memory long after they return home,” said J.D. O’Hara, CEO of Internova Travel Group.


The value that travel advisors bring to the table is incredibly underestimated. They’re passionate travelers themselves, and they use that firsthand knowledge to benefit their clients. The deep relationships they’ve developed with suppliers in transportation, accommodations and attractions help ensure that their clients’ travel dollars go further. A travel advisor is also available to help clients with questions or problems at any point during a trip—a value point that has become especially noticeable as travel has become more complex.


Moreover, working with a travel advisor can lead to an enhanced vacation with complimentary perks and surprises. SELECT Hotels & Resorts, for example, is a competitive, value-added amenity program presented by Internova Travel Group, and is made up of more than 1,400 of the world’s most distinguished premium properties. The program offers exclusive amenities, creating memorable experiences for consumers who book through their travel advisor.


SELECT In-Country Partners is a carefully vetted international portfolio of over 100 Destination Management Companies (DMCs) and Specialty Tour Operators located in over 150 countries across the globe that specialize in providing customers with the ultimate luxury travel experience. Partners can offer customized experiences, VIP ground assistance, special access to museums, venues, people and places, unique accommodations with special amenities, private guides and in-country knowledge and expertise when booked through a travel advisor.


“Whether you know where you want to go or you’re looking for suggestions, our travel advisors have unlimited ideas that will help you plan the ideal getaway,” O’Hara said.


To find a travel advisor, consumers can visit Internova’s BookHuman.Travel web site. Internova’s latest “Go Human. Book Human.” advertising campaign was designed to make people fall in love with the idea of booking travel with actual people versus doing it alone online. Ironically, the most innovative component of the human-centered campaign, is the web experience. In an industry first, BookHuman.Travel reimagines advisory services by bringing together emerging technologies and a customer experience focus. The site connects consumers directly with human travel advisors across the U.S. from Global Travel Collection, the luxury and premium travel division of Internova Travel Group.



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