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May 13, 2019

BTI offers the best capability to easily collect, organize and share data to gain visibility into traveler spend and habits and foster improvements.

BTI Essentials is a new program that delivers a variety of services to understand travel spend


NEW YORK, NY (August 6, 2019) – Travel Leaders Corporate, an award-winning leader in business travel, has enhanced its Business Travel Insights (BTI) product with two service offerings: BTI Essentials and BTI Plus.


BTI Essentials offers several advantages to Travel Leaders Corporate clients. It not only shows spend data by category (such as air or hotel), but also shows the savings left on the table due to policy non-compliance and incomplete or insufficient supplier sourcing. Additionally, BTI Essentials enables users to drill down to identify spend and savings potential by individual traveler, department or region. BTI Essentials provides program strategy support by allowing travel managers to conduct “what if” scenarios that calculate additional savings when factors are changed.


“BTI Essentials is an amazing tool with invaluable travel data insight for our corporate clients,” said Gabe Rizzi, President of Travel Leaders Corporate. “We use it internally as well as make it available to clients. It is highly flexible and allows travel managers and procurement teams to easily manipulate data to see how they can better meet budgets and compliance goals.”


Major benefits of BTI Essentials include:


-Easy-to-understand reporting and analysis


-Trend analysis year over year (supplier data)


-Codes that allow explanations (e.g. a traveler declining the lowest priced airline ticket due to airport distance) to give better understanding of individual behaviors (behavioral leverage)


-Individual rankings on external data, as well as rankings within an organization


-Vendor analysis that shows if travelers are complying with negotiated rates


-The ability for the client to brand reports with their company logo and identifiers for internal use


A key feature of BTI Essentials is its ability to allow companies to benchmark their travel spend and traveler behaviors throughout a variety of businesses (not just Travel Leaders Corporate’s clients). This allows businesses to look at their industry and competitors to better understand their program and where they can improve.


BTI Plus builds on BTI Essentials capabilities and offers clients the ability to add their expense and payment data to fully understand their travel program from multiple dimensions.


Users of BTI Plus also have access to dashboards to monitor and analyze out-of-program spending. This tool allows travel managers to:


-Reduce costs by addressing program leakage and leveraging agency-negotiated agreements


-Show true volume of business by vendor for better RFP influence and compliance


-Recognize vendor preferences outside current agreements


“Effective data and analysis are critical for travel managers,” said Rizzi. “BTI offers the best capability to easily collect, organize and share data to gain visibility into traveler spend and habits and foster improvements. Travel Leaders Corporate’s clients have a wide variety of needs and we are delighted to offer them BTI Essentials and BTI Plus to meet those needs. With the right data intelligence and analysis, travel managers can drive greater savings, compliance, and employee satisfaction. BTI Essentials and BTI Plus make that happen.”


For more information or to take advantage of Travel Leaders Corporate’s personalized service and cutting-edge corporate business travel solutions that provide a complete travel enrichment experience, email or call 877-404-4173.


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Travel Leaders Corporate is part of Travel Leaders Group, which manages leisure, business and franchise travel operations under a variety of diversified divisions and brands. Travel Leaders Corporate has three service offerings – Travel Fulfillment, Travel Consulting and Meetings Management – which can be used independently or combined for maximum results. At Travel Leaders Corporate, each client is served by a dedicated team of professional travel agents assigned to each account. With a reputation built on reliability and a commitment to excellence, Travel Leaders Corporate offers its clients industry-leading products and services, and continuously seeks higher levels of performance. With employees in more than 120 cities across the United States, Travel Leaders Corporate is a forward-thinking, innovative company with a focus on continually improving the customer experience. Travelers also have access to The Travel Collection by Travel Leaders Group, a selection of travel offers and discounts available at no additional cost to holders of select American Express® cards. For more information visit

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