Global Travel Collection to celebrate Earth Day in New York, Los Angeles, London

April 2, 2024

I am proud that we are continually developing new programs and initiatives for our travel advisors that they can use to help clients achieve their sustainability goals. These initiatives will ensure that our highly skilled travel advisors can continue to provide unparalleled service.

Events on April 3 are part of a year-round commitment to sustainable travel for GTC and its parent, Internova Travel Group

NEW YORK (April 2, 2024) – Global Travel Collection (GTC), the high-service premium and luxury travel division of Internova Travel Group, will host Earth Day events on April 3 in New York City, Los Angeles and London as part of its year-round commitment to providing sustainability programs for its travel advisors.


During the program at GTC’s New York City headquarters, Hyatt Hotels will share information about some of their most sustainable hotels and unique experiences that are available to travelers in destinations around the world. This information will equip GTC travel advisors with selling points and stories that they can pass on to their clients. Similar events will also be held at the GTC and ALTOUR offices in Los Angeles. In the UK, Hyatt will host a dinner and DJ Masterclass at Andaz London where they will provide a sustainable menu for advisors as well as updates on their sustainability program.


“Sustainable travel is important to our clients and to our advisors,” said Angie Licea, President, Global Travel Collection, which represents the most sophisticated community of travel advisors and agencies worldwide, with advisors who serve clients in the luxury leisure, corporate and entertainment sectors. “I am proud that we are continually developing new programs and initiatives for our travel advisors that they can use to help clients achieve their sustainability goals. These initiatives will ensure that our highly skilled travel advisors can continue to provide unparalleled service.”


For example, GTC is expanding its Mindful Discovery Partner Series of video modules, giving travel advisors an opportunity to learn about sustainable experiences offered by select travel partners. The Sustainable Knowledge series includes topics such as Sustainable Tourism, Climate, Waste, Community & Culture and Nature & Wildlife. Advisors who complete these modules can earn an Advocate badge, as well as other collateral, and use the knowledge they’ve gained to make each client’s trip even more meaningful.


In addition, GTC already offers separate Climate Action Programs for leisure and corporate clients.


Under the leisure program, clients are invited to make a 1 percent (or higher) contribution on top of the cost of their trip to offset the carbon emissions from their travel. The offset comes through a partnership between Internova and Sustainable Travel International, which has more than 15 years of experience developing successful sustainable travel practices and supporting some of the best carbon offset programs for the travel industry.


Corporate and events clients can choose from a suite of climate solutions that will help their travel “go green.” They can measure the carbon footprint of their company’s business or event travel; offset carbon to balance out their emissions and support a diverse portfolio of verified climate projects; and use a marketing toolkit to communicate and share their impact and educate employees on sustainable travel.


GTC also participates in Internova’s sustainability efforts, including Internova Green Circle, which encourages travel advisors, customers, partners and employees to work together to help reduce the strain on our planet’s finite resources and to enrich local communities and cultures. In 2024, a portion of the sales proceeds from Internova’s programs booked by GTC travel advisors will go toward supporting verified carbon sequestration programs around the world.


Internova, one of the world’s largest travel services companies, has been selected to participate in several top industry sustainability-related councils, including Hyatt’s Conscious Journey Forum and Delta’s Green Council. These councils provide important insight and feedback on how the travel industry can work together to continue pushing forward shared sustainability values and goals.


“Protecting the planet is a key value for Internova,” said Ka-Wai Siu, Internova’s Vice President, ESG. “As a travel company, we want to ensure that communities around the world continue to flourish and that breathtaking natural resources are available for future generations to experience. We can do our part by developing programs for our travel advisors, for our employees and by working with partners in our industry.”


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