Henry Gilroy

Senior Vice President, Strategic Development

Henry Gilroy serves as Senior Vice President of Strategic Development for Internova Travel Group, a leading travel services company which directly employs approximately 3,000 staff managing operations of four specialized travel divisions. Mr. Gilroy is based in London.

We have a great range of travel businesses and brands with fantastic opportunities for future growth. Our goal is to continue working together to take advantage of those opportunities.

Mr. Gilroy supports the business and its leaders in identifying and prioritizing strategic opportunities, developing plans to realize those opportunities, and ensuring successful execution against those plans. These projects involve Internova Travel Group as a whole, as well as projects within each of its divisions.


Mr. Gilroy began his career at OC&C Strategy Consultants in London, before joining Internova Travel Group as Director of Strategic Development. In 2019, Mr. Gilroy moved to New York and became Vice President of Strategic Development before returning to London in 2020.