Travel Leaders’ ‘Book With Confidence’ Program Will Provide Peace of Mind

October 14, 2020

Booking with a travel advisor is the best possible strategy to navigate the new world of travel.

Travel Agency Network to offer Covid-related tools and resources for advisors and travelers


Alexandria, VA (Oct. 14, 2020) — To ease travelers’ concerns about COVID-19, Travel Leaders Network, the largest travel agency network in North America, announced today that it will launch a new program that aims to increase consumer confidence in travel. “Book with Confidence,” set to launch later this fall, is a comprehensive program for travel advisors who commit to staying abreast of in-depth health and safety protocols and providing appropriate information to their clients.


“After months of restrictions and uncertainty, many North Americans are eager to travel again. Our research shows that an overwhelming number of travelers, as many as 99 percent, want to take a vacation, but they still have concerns about risks and procedures related to COVID-19,” said Roger E. Block, President of Travel Leaders Network. “Through ‘Book with Confidence,’ we are providing our travel advisors with a dynamic library of resources they can access to increase their knowledge, as well as share with their clients who may have concerns about certain aspects of travel today.”


Participating advisors will receive access to a comprehensive checklist of destination entry and testing requirements, health and safety protocols being implemented by airports, airlines, transfer operators, resorts, escorted tour companies, cruise lines, theme parks and attractions and rules when the traveler returns from their vacation. Travel Leaders will support the program with educational webinars for participating advisors.


“While the decision to travel is always a personal choice, ‘Book with Confidence’ provides support to advisors who will give prospective travelers access to specific, curated information available to them through the program’s database so the client can make informed, comfortable choices about where, when and how to travel,” said Stephen McGillivray, Chief Marketing Officer, Travel Leaders Group.


In addition to the library of resources and a consumer travel guide, advisors who opt into the program will earn the rights to use the ‘Book with Confidence’ logo. Advisors will be encouraged to display the ‘Book with Confidence’ logo in offered promotional emails, website content, fliers and videos. They can also add it to their email signature and in their profile on


“Participating advisors must take a pledge to study the materials, adhere to the guidelines and be ready to advise their clients on what they need to know and expect in this changing travel landscape,” said McGillivray.


“The uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic has added to the complexity of travel planning, making the value of the travel advisor even greater,” said Block. “Booking with a travel advisor is the best possible strategy to navigate the new world of travel. With the ‘Book with Confidence’ program, we are ever more confident that our advisors will provide all the facts consumers need to protect their vacation investment.”


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