Travel Leaders Corporate Keeps Travel Advisors on the Payroll by Supporting Call Center Operation for Pandemic Response

April 29, 2020

To me, this program reinforces the tremendous value our employees bring to our organization and our customers.

Travel Management Company is working with New York State contractor AnswerNet to fill COVID-19 testing call center needs


NEW YORK, NY (April 29, 2020) – Travel Leaders Corporate, a leading corporate travel management company, is redeploying its experienced corporate travel advisors to help New York State residents by scheduling COVID-19 testing in New York. Courtesy of a relationship with Willow Grove, PA, based AnswerNet, the advisors are handling phone calls and emails of residents who feel they may have symptoms related to coronavirus.


“Our corporate travel advisors are an extraordinary group of highly-trained customer service professionals who wanted to find additional ways to assist during this pandemic,” said Gabe Rizzi, President and Chief Sales Officer of Travel Leaders Corporate. “Business travel has slowed considerably due to COVID-19. Rather than furloughing our advisors, we found a great partner with AnswerNet.”


AnswerNet, a 24/7 call center services company, had a need for professionals experienced with call center customer service, but able to work remotely. “It was important to us at Travel Leaders Corporate to keep our employees on the payroll, so we were fortunate to find this opportunity where they can have this option to assist in a different industry and continue their jobs,” added Rizzi. “We are proud that they can use their skills to help New York and New Yorkers recover from the current situation. To step up to learn new skills and help others when they face the catastrophic impact on their own business lives, shows true dedication and caring for others,” Rizzi said.


Currently, more than 120 Travel Leaders Corporate advisors are part of AnswerNet’s 1,000-person team. The advisors are remote workers, located around the country, who routinely handle urgent trip disruption issues for thousands of business travelers. The advisors, equipped with a state-of-the-art telecommunications system, have received rigorous training to complement their skills and are now working to schedule necessary COVID-19 testing for New York State residents.


“The pandemic in New York has stretched the state’s resources thin and they needed a large team deployed quickly,” said Gary Pudles, CEO of AnswerNet. “That’s why they turned to us to help in the outreach for COVID-19 testing. Since this is an unprecedented emergency situation, we also needed some additional agents who could act quickly and compassionately which is why this relationship with Travel Leaders Corporate is invaluable. Their travel advisors have the transferable skills to be able to slip seamlessly in these roles. We are glad to have them with us during this time.”


Pudles was effusive in his praise about the work the travel advisors are doing. In a message to the team, he stated, “We know we’re lucky to have you and we want you to know that we appreciate the important work you do…people like you who show your courage and empathy each and every day by talking to those who are not only sick, but afraid. Just know that you’ve already given hope to so many!”


Rizzi said he looks forward to the day, hopefully soon, when the COVID-19 crisis abates, and business travel returns. The travel management firm is assessing the travel landscape to be fully prepared to provide sound advice to the corporations that trust their travel programs to the company. In the meantime, Rizzi is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the effort to address the crisis.


“Few people outside the industry realize the complexity of being a great travel advisor,” said Rizzi. “To me, this program reinforces the tremendous value our employees bring to our organization and our customers.”


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