Travel Leaders Network’s Agent Profiler Gives Advisors More Options

June 14, 2022

With the importance of generating qualified leads, advisors need an easy way to show prospective customers that they are someone with expertise. For travelers, the Super Agent badge is a quick and easy visual to help guide their decision

Lead Generation Tool Has New Offerings


ALEXANDRIA, VA (June 14, 2022) – Travel Leaders Network’s industry-leading lead generation tool, Agent Profiler, is unveiling new options that travel advisors can use to attract new clients and manage their business.


Agent Profiler now offers a new Super Agent designation—a badge visible to users. Super Agents will have a higher ranking in searches, making it easier for potential clients to find them. Their Super Agent badge will also show users that they are a top advisor and trusted expert.


Super Agent re-prioritizes Agent Profiler’s marketplace approach to give consumers a “first look” at these high-quality profiles. Travelers get the benefit of knowing the advisor they are contacting is an experienced professional, and advisors gain additional exposure to potential leads.


Super Agents will receive the designation based on performance criteria including detailed profiles, levels of expertise and positive customer reviews. All Agent Profiler users have the ability to become Super Agents, and there is no cost to the advisor.


The program launched in May 2022, and already has 134 Agent Profiler users designated as Super Agents.


Agent Profiler, housed on the consumer-facing, gives TLN advisors an opportunity for travelers to find them based on their niche, destination expertise or location. It matches these qualified travelers to expert travel advisors in real time. Agent Profiler is powered by agent-generated content with each advisor completing an online profile of their unique expertise and experience.


As of June 2022, Agent Profiler is expected to deliver more leads to TLN advisors than in 2019 (pre-pandemic). The tool is trending at 7% more leads than in 2019, and 50% more leads than in 2021.


“Super Agent is something that works well for both advisors and travelers,” said Roger E. Block, President of Travel Leaders Network. “With the importance of generating qualified leads, advisors need an easy way to show prospective customers that they are someone with expertise. For travelers, the Super Agent badge is a quick and easy visual to help guide their decision.”


Travel Leaders Network has made additional enhancements to Agent Profiler over the last year, including:


  • Virtual Appointment Call to Action – As more advisors have been working from remote locations, and agency offices have limited in-person walk in traffic, Agent Profiler added a new call-to-action option that allows travelers to schedule video appointments with advisors.
  • Remote Agent Location – With the changing landscape of travel advisors working from home, Travel Leaders has added the ability for employed advisors to set their location to be different from their agency’s physical office location.
  • Independent Contractor Branding – To address the unique needs of the independent contractor and host agency, Travel Leaders Network introduced additional branding opportunities for independent contractors to feature their local agency brand on their published profile.
  • Lead Pause – As travel has rebounded, advisors are overwhelmed with new business. The Lead Pause functionality allows advisors to toggle on or off their availability for accepting new leads.


“Agent Profiler continues to bring new features to advisors and travelers,” Block commented. “All of the recent enhancements make the tool a richer experience. We believe in the power of travel advisors to plan the very best travel for their customers, and Agent Profiler is the perfect ‘matchmaker’ to help bring together the right travel advisors and travelers.”


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