How To Convince Your Family To Support Your Destination Wedding Vision

October 26, 2017

Despite the fact that they provide a fun, memorable wedding and family gathering, many couples do need to alleviate concerns. So we turned to our destination wedding specialists for their insight and asked them to provide information for couples to use to calm their loved ones’ fears

Vacation gives couples tips to turn destination wedding naysayers into “yay-sayers”


New York, NY (October 26, 2017) – A destination wedding is a popular choice for today’s engaged couples. Not only is it a unique way to celebrate your special day in an exotic location, but it can give family and friends the chance to spend quality time together in a beautiful destination. But sometimes loved ones can say “I object!” before you say “I do!”. To help start the conversation and allay concerns about a destination wedding,  Vacation lists some of the top objections your family and friends may have, plus strategies to overcome them (


“Destination weddings are becoming more common, especially since the average cost is much lower than a traditional wedding” said Vacation’s Brian Hegarty. “Despite the fact that they provide a fun, memorable wedding and family gathering, many couples do need to alleviate concerns. So we turned to our destination wedding specialists for their insight and asked them to provide information for couples to use to calm their loved ones’ fears.”


Vacation notes that destination wedding doubts usually center around several scenarios including:


  • Can everyone make it to the wedding venue?
  • What will everyone think?
  • Is this affordable?
  • Is it really what you want?
  • Will this interfere with others’ important plans?
  • If it’s not in town, how do you know what kind of wedding you’ll really be getting?
  • How on earth will we be able to keep all the travel details straight?


Vacation’s destination wedding experts recommend countering these concerns with the following destination wedding benefits:


  • A destination wedding’s guest list is typically smaller than a wedding at home. This really forces you to decide whose attendance is non-negotiable. If there is someone who might have trouble traveling long distances, don’t forget that “destination” doesn’t necessarily mean halfway across the world. A destination wedding travel professional can be invaluable with helping you figure out how those with special needs can travel safely.


  • Weddings can bring up a lot of feelings—and not just for the couple. It can be hard for families to let go of their own visions for your wedding. But it’s your wedding – and this is a great chance to explain why a destination wedding is so important to you.


  • A destination wedding sounds so expensive, right? Wrong! Any wedding will have costs associated with it. However, research shows that a destination wedding can be more cost-effective than a traditional wedding: a destination wedding typically costs $17,000 for the ceremony and reception as compared to the average $32,600 price for a traditional wedding in a mid-sized U.S. city.


  • Some people start thinking about their future wedding years before their partner is on the scene. And they talk about it, too, leading family members to believe that a destination wedding isn’t really your choice. But people change, and your childhood dream wedding at the local country club might not fit your current vision. This is a great opportunity to explain to loved ones that a destination wedding is something that will give you wonderful memories for anniversaries to come.


  • For any type of wedding, experts recommend sitting down and mapping out no-go dates, like cousin Jane’s wedding the second weekend of April, and your brother’s college graduation the first weekend of June. But listen, there will never be a single perfect time where no one in your family has anything going on. Choose what works best for you and remember: this is an issue that can affect weddings at home, too.


  • It can be leap of faith to have a wedding in a venue you might not be able to visit beforehand. This is the time to lean on a travel professional who can recommend venues they have worked with who have ultra-professional wedding coordinators.


  • Getting a group from many places to one spot can be tricky. And that’s why Vacation recommends you don’t it on your own. An experienced destination wedding travel agent will keep track of everyone’s preferences, be a point of contact for your travelers, and even secure group rates for air, hotel and ground transportation. You’re getting married – you’ve got enough on your mind; let your travel professional take the logistics challenges off your shoulders.


“With our talking points, couples can successfully overcome destination wedding objections, and help their families feel excited about jetting off to a new place,” continued Hegarty. “As the destination wedding experts, Vacation is happy to give engaged couples some ways to start these delicate conversations.”


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