Focused on The Future

With a passion to inspire and enable travelers to discover the world, Internova Travel Group takes an active role in making a positive impact on the economy, environment and greater society. We are committed to long-term sustainable initiatives that focus on how we do business, how we service our customers, how we treat others and how we preserve the beautiful destinations on our planet​.

A Framework In Place

At the start of our sustainability journey, we integrated the seven principles of the ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility framework into our values and practices. We transitioned to our environmental, social and governance (ESG) report to show how our activities can positively contribute to and support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our ESG Strategy

“Our ESG Strategy sets the actions we take to impact the environment we operate in and the community that we serve. It gives insight into our business fundamentals, risk exposures and emerging opportunities. It helps us identify sustainable growth and create long-term values.”

Ka-Wai Siu, VP of Compliance & ESG 

Read Internova's 2023-2024 ESG Report

Our Commitments

Sustainable Travel International

We recognize the exponential need to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the world we love to explore. We have partnered with Sustainable Travel International, a global organization dedicated to transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people, to offer more sustainable solutions to support travelers through their climate mitigation journey.


Internova Green Circle

Our Internova Green Circle Environmental Initiative includes advocacy, education and contribution to conservation projects for the company, our customers, our advisors and our supplier partners. Watch our video and read about our progress in our latest press releases.


Family Bonds Foundation

The company has established the Family Bonds Foundation — a charitable organization committed to fundraising and offering financial assistance to families, children and communities who are experiencing hardships, especially those who work in the travel industry.

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