Independent Travel Advisors Can Connect With Host Agencies Through Travel Leaders Network’s

October 15, 2020

Host agencies are vital to helping these ICs — Independent Travel Advisors — achieve their highest level of travel selling success

A wide variety of host agencies, from size, specialization and geographic region, are available


Alexandria, VA (October 15, 2020) — As the number of Independent Travel Advisors has soared due to market conditions in the last few years and particularly since the pandemic, Travel Leaders Network has relaunched, a searchable listing of Travel Leaders Network host agencies willing to provide support to these independent travel advisors so they can benefit from the partnership power of a consortia.


“Independent Contractors can use to reach out directly to the contacts at the host agencies that best meet their business and personal needs,” said Roger E. Block, President of Travel Leaders Network. “Our members benefit by being able to tap into this major selling force in retail travel, as well as by knowing they are contributing to the success of their peers and the vitality of the industry.”


The participating host agencies are of a wide variety of sizes, specializations and geographic locations.


“Host agencies are vital to helping these ICs — Independent Travel Advisors — achieve their highest level of travel selling success,” Block added.


By joining a Travel Leaders host agency, the ICs will receive:


– Enhanced Commission Levels, that are available due to the combined power of the network;


– Educational Services, including more than 300 on-demand trainings, specialization certifications, and live webinars – many available through a tiered learning path to best suit the agency’s level;


– Quality Lead Generation, including an agent profile on com;


– Valuable Networking, such as at our regional and national conferences, whether they are virtual or in-person;


– Professional Marketing Resources, including Travel Leaders award-winning social media; services, such as Social Share. And also printed publications, such as Postcards and Destination Bliss, and digital publications, such as this summer’s Armchair Explorer series;


– Easy-to-Use Booking Tools, including the award-winning pinSIGHT for hotel bookings, CruisePro, where they can compare up to five cruise lines side-by-side, and AgentMate, a fully-integrated CRM system and agent-facing booking tool designed to manage nearly every component of a travel agency’s business;


– Recognized Preferred Suppliers Client Retention Programs


The service is ideal for experienced agents looking for a new home, former agency owners looking for a new opportunity, and anyone embarking on a new career in travel. New hosts are being added all the time.


“One of the benefits Independent Contractors connected with a Travel Leaders host agency have raved about is our Agent Profiler leads program,” said Lea Diele, Senior Director of Educational Services at Travel Leaders Network who oversees the Host Agency program. “Agent Profiler generates thousands of qualified leads every month by matching traveler needs to our agents’ expertise. And unlike some host agencies, our leads are sent directly to Independent Contractors to manage and keep as their client.” also offers pages filled with professional advice and industry news to help Independent Contractors thrive. For example, some posts include “10 Questions ICs Should Ask Before Joining a Host Agency,” “Tips for Understanding Your Return in Social Media,” and “Tips on How Independent Contractors Should Manage Their Finances.”


For more information about connecting with a Travel Leaders host agency, please visit To learn more in general about joining Travel Leaders, please visit



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