More Than 62% Of Americans Regularly “Check In” With Work While Vacationing, According to New Survey

May 16, 2017

Studies have shown that people who take vacations are happier, have improved mental and physical health, and are more productive. So our travel agents expertly balance each client’s needs for unwinding and de-stressing – whether 100% disconnected from work or only partially disengaged

Data also reveals that more than 30% of survey respondents won’t max out their vacation days and over 42% do not know if their state is REAL ID compliant


Plymouth, MN (May 16, 2017) – As the peak summer travel season is about to kick off, millions of Americans will be heading on vacation. However, unplugging from work and fully enjoying the experience will be a challenge for a majority of adults, according to a new consumer survey by Travel Leaders Group. While approximately 94% of those polled “have taken or will take” at least one leisure trip this year, 62.3% of those individuals make it a point to check work emails and/or voicemail messages while on vacation. In addition, 31% of respondents revealed they leave vacation days on the table. The survey was conducted April 3 to April 30, 2017, and includes responses from 2,854 consumers throughout the United States.


“The good news is that the percentage of those surveyed who say they forfeit well-deserved vacation days has decreased from 38.5% in 2014 to 31% today. However, there is a significant increase in individuals staying ‘plugged in’ to work while on vacation, according to our new survey,” stated Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko. “Studies have shown that people who take vacations are happier, have improved mental and physical health, and are more productive. So our travel agents expertly balance each client’s needs for unwinding and de-stressing – whether 100% disconnected from work or only partially disengaged.”


Chacko also pointed to the positive economic findings from the survey. “More than nine out of 10 people surveyed will take at least one vacation and a vast majority will spend the same amount or more on their leisure travel compared to last year,” added Chacko. “What is a growing concern is the final implementation of the REAL ID Act and, specifically, states that are non-compliant. More than 42% of respondents don’t know if their state is compliant. If states are non-compliant, their residents will not be able to board commercial domestic flights with standard issued drivers’ licenses beginning next year.”


Key Statistics and Findings:


  • Checking In at Work While on Vacation: When asked, “When traveling for vacation, do you check in with work (check emails, voicemail, etc.)?” over 62% of those surveyed state they are plugged into work and checking on business at least some of the time. Only 37.7% of respondents say they “never” check in with work while on vacation; in 2014, that percentage was 51.1%.


Sometimes, usually just to keep ahead of my emails and messages40.2%
Never, my vacation is my time to unplug from work completely37.7%
Yes, I still need to be plugged in for work regardless22.1%


  • Using All Vacation Time: When asked, “Do you typically use all your vacation days during a calendar year?” 69% state they do not leave any unused time on the table. (Retirees were factored out of the following responses.)


Yes, absolutely69.0%
No, I leave 1-2 days7.9%
No, I leave 3-4 days7.0%
No, I leave 5-7 days6.9%
No, I leave more than 7 days8.1%
No, I never take vacations1.1%


  • Approximately 94% of those polled said they “have or will take” at least one leisure trip this year.


  • Nearly 90% indicated that the total number of leisure trips they anticipate taking in 2017 will be either the same or more than last year (30.5% say “more” while 58.96% say “the same”).


  • Also, close to 86% of those polled stated they will spend the same or more on leisure trips this year versus 2016 (39.6% will spend “more” and 46.3% will spend “the same” on leisure trips as compared to last year).


  • Traveling Away from Home: With the vast majority of survey participants indicating they will take at least one leisure trip in 2017, it was also important to find out how far they are traveling from home. Selecting all options that apply to their leisure trip(s) this year, the top responses were:


Travel within the U.S. and farther than a bordering state75.0%
Travel internationally (Canada, Mexico and/or Caribbean)39.8%
Travel within your home state39.5%
Travel to a bordering state33.1%
Travel internationally (Europe)24.0%


  • When asked, “Is your state compliant with Homeland Security’s REAL ID Act?” meaning (standard) state-issued driver’s license will continue to be a valid form of identification to board an airplane in 2018, more than 42% of those surveyed do not know.


I have no idea if my state is REAL ID compliant.42.2%
Yes, my state is fully compliant36.3%
My state has gotten an extension8.5%
No, my state is not compliant13.0%


Through the years, Travel Leaders Group has built a reputation for gathering extensive travel trends data from its vast network of travel agents and more recently from American consumers and travelers. This is the 9th consecutive year for the consumer travel survey. American consumers were engaged through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as through direct contact as travel clients for the following Travel Leaders Group companies including the flagship Travel Leaders brand, as well as Cruise SpecialistsNexionProtravel, and Tzell Travel Group units.


With nearly $21 billion in annual sales, Travel Leaders Group is the largest travel agency company in North America, comprised of approximately 30% of all travel agencies in North America that are wholly-owned, franchised, or member agencies. It’s a leader in both the retail travel agency space and corporate travel, and consistently ranks as one of the top travel companies nationwide.


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