New WEDtalk Podcasts Help Couples Navigate the Complex Process of Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Planning

July 20, 2017

The average cost of a mid-size destination wedding is $17,000, versus $32,600 for a local wedding. Many people are surprised to learn not only how affordable it can be, but also that the couple can receive more personalization and convenience with a destination wedding

Destination Weddings are more affordable than many engaged couples realize, according to WEDtalk, available exclusively on the new travel site Vacation


New York, NY (July 20, 2017) – The average age of engaged couples is on the rise and so is the average cost of a local wedding in major U.S. cities. That’s why nearly 25 percent of engaged couples today are choosing a destination wedding, according to Vacation ( a new travel site centered around the emotional reasons why people travel. These couples discover that the costs and convenience of a destination wedding is equivalent to, or less than, that of a local wedding, especially when many of them are already settled into their careers and may no longer be living in the same state as their childhood friends and family.


WEDtalk is a new podcast series designed to help couples navigate the complex process of planning their honeymoon and/or destination wedding. WEDtalk, a tool to help couples weigh their options from the moment they consider walking down the aisle overseas or at any domestic destination away from home, makes the decision-making process easier by answering common questions engaged couples tend to have.


First in the WEDtalk series (, available exclusively on Vacation, is a conversation with a newlywed bride about why she found it to be more cost-effective to have a destination wedding versus a local wedding. The cost savings available with a destination wedding are addressed, and listeners learn why more couples than ever are choosing to travel for their wedding.


The “Destination Wedding vs. Local Wedding” podcast reveals benefits such as:


  • For as little as $2,500 – $5,000, a couple can have a destination wedding ceremony for 30 people

  • Travel to and from the destination is arranged for the couple and their guests

  • The wedding couple can receive a free room or free upgrade based on the number guests booked

  • An onsite wedding planner is included at no additional charge

  • Hair and makeup can be arranged onsite

  • The resort venue will take care of transporting the wedding dress, and having it steamed

  • Dress rehearsal options are available with a pre-wedding visit to meet the onsite wedding planner, experience the resort, choose the ceremony setting and taste the food.

  • Basic photography package included

  • A private reception

  • And much more

“The average cost of a mid-size destination wedding is $17,000, versus $32,600 for a local wedding. Many people are surprised to learn not only how affordable it can be, but also that the couple can receive more personalization and convenience with a destination wedding,” said destination wedding expert Carrie Brandt, the host of WEDtalk. “Because there are various levels of planning involved in a destination wedding we highly recommend that couples work with a qualified travel expert who can advise on and coordinate all the travel arrangements for the couple and their guests, plus connect them with the resort’s onsite wedding planner, which is included in the package.”


The average cost for guests to attend a destination wedding is $875, including airfare and accommodations. This, too, is not that different from what out of town guests may spend flying to a wedding in the couple’s home state. And if the destination wedding is at an all-inclusive resort, the meals, beverages (including alcohol) and onsite activities are all a part of the wedding package price.


“Couples can turn to the WEDtalk section on Vacation for more helpful tips for planning a destination wedding or a honeymoon,” added Brandt. “We launched this podcast series because we know that couples are busy but take their wedding planning seriously. The portable capabilities of a podcast allow us to offer a direct, more intimate way to communicate to our audience. Whether out for a run, at the gym, or commuting in rush hour traffic, couples have the convenience of listening to WEDtalk while on the go.”


Other WEDtalk podcasts include topics such as:


  • Guide to Stress-Free Honeymoon Planning

  • Why the Bride’s Dress Rehearsal is Important

  • Common Destination Wedding Issues that Travel Agents Avoid and Resolve

  • Common Honeymoon Issues that Travel Agents Avoid and Resolve

  • Foreign or Domestic: Which Destination Is Right for You

In addition to questions that can be answered via the WEDtalk series on Vacation, the Vacation site has certified destination wedding experts available to answer all of the questions couples tend to ask: Who pays for what, where should we go and what should we do, and how can we budget for our dream wedding.


Vacation is a celebration of why people travel and its six categories—including Play (Adventures + Events), Unwind (Resorts + Spas), Bond (Families + Groups), Celebrate (Weddings + Honeymoons), Savor (Food + Wine), and Explore (Destinations + Cultures)—are filled with rich content. The articles, online quizzes, videos, infographics, and podcasts are designed to help modern travelers plan a vacay they’re going to love. In fact, it will be Love at First Travel.


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Vacation inspires, informs and guides travelers throughout their planning process, making every step—from researching a destination to connecting with the ideal travel expert—as rewarding as possible. The content-rich website is powered by Travel Leaders Group (, one of the industry’s largest travel agency companies, with annual sales over $21 billion through over 7,000 locations. Check out Vacation at and follow us on social media at #LoveUrVacay.

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