Travel Leaders Network Partners with Travel Research Online to Provide Revolutionary TobyAI for Travel Advisors

December 11, 2023

We are big believers that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be helpful when creating marketing materials and can improve efficiencies for members so they can concentrate on selling and serving clients.

Exciting Collaboration Gives TLN Members a Sophisticated, Yet Intuitive, Tool That Puts Artificial Intelligence in Their Hands


NEW YORK (December 11, 2023) — Travel Leaders Network (TLN), together with Travel Research Online (TRO), ushers in a new era of travel agency marketing excellence with the introduction of TobyAI for its members. An industry first, TobyAI is a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence engine designed specifically for supporting travel advisors.


“We are big believers that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be helpful when creating marketing materials and can improve efficiencies for members so they can concentrate on selling and serving clients,” said Stephen McGillivray, Chief Partner Marketing Officer of Internova Travel Group, the parent company of Travel Leaders Network. “While nothing will ever replace the human expertise that travel advisors bring to the table, it is important that our industry embraces the ways AI can streamline work and help advisors run their agencies. We’re always looking for ways to innovate and this tool does exactly that.”


Recognized for its unyielding commitment to its members, TLN’s adoption of TobyAI will provide its advisors with an unparalleled advantage that differentiates them in the marketplace. Through the integration of multiple Large Language Models (LLMs), TobyAI becomes more than just a tech tool—it’s a valuable colleague. Advisors can handpick the most suitable LLM to match the task at hand, ensuring optimal results.


“TobyAI is my new best friend,” said Debbie Sebastian, a member of Travel Leaders Network. “TobyAI can take care of tedious tasks and frees me up to spend time on building my business. As a travel advisor, it is my role to build rapport with clients, understand their unique preferences, and provide thoughtful recommendations. Because of the benefits I have gotten from using this tool, I am excited to see my fellow TLN members embrace the use of TobyAI so they can spend more quality time with clients and access resources to create custom travel experiences.”


In a typical session with TobyAI, TLN advisors can:

  • Craft itineraries
  • Draft a new bio for Agent Profiler, TLN’s award-winning lead generation tool
  • Write client correspondence
  • Curate engaging social media posts


TLN members will also be able to access DALL-E 3, the ChatGPT tool that generates amazing images that adhere to the user’s text-based prompts.


Richard Earls, President of Travel Research Online, shares his enthusiasm: “Embarking on this venture with Travel Leaders Network has been an incredible journey. TLN’s large size and the wide experience of their advisors prove that TobyAI works for all types of travel agencies. Implementing TobyAI marks a significant step in advancing the support framework for travel advisors. TobyAI isn’t merely built for travel – it specializes in it, and we’re already in development to expand its capabilities and integrate new features that will streamline the agency workflow even further.”


The rollout of TobyAI to the Travel Leaders Network takes place over the coming weeks, promising to herald an uptick in both advisor efficiency and client satisfaction.


For travel agencies interested in learning more about the award-winning programs and diverse offerings of Travel Leaders Network in leisure and luxury travel, business travel, honeymoon and destination weddings — as well as active and adventure travel — visit


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