Travel Leaders Unveils “Business Travel Insights”

August 12, 2018

Other line items like materials are closely tracked but frequently travel spend is a bit of a black hole. BTI provides visibility so companies can begin to understand traveler behavior and their company’s travel patterns…

New product offering gives companies choices in how to analyze and track their travel data


New York, NY (Aug. 12, 2018) –Travel Leaders Corporate has introduced a revamped and improved data offering called Business Travel Insights (BTI), as part of its comprehensive suite of corporate travel products. BTI uses Travel Leaders Corporate’s expertise to take streams of travel data and create easy-to-understand, personalized dashboards for travel managers and business executives.


Travel Leaders Corporate had initially introduced a version of this product in response to customers who not only wanted their travel fulfilled but also needed to understand their travel spend and employees’ travel habits. Over time, the company has continued to improve and refine the product to complement the core service offerings of travel fulfillment and strategic meetings management, leading to this new, highly sophisticated BTI tool.


“Something that always surprises people is how often businesses don’t properly track their travel costs,” explained Gabe Rizzi, President of Travel Leaders Corporate. “Other line items like materials are closely tracked but frequently travel spend is a bit of a black hole. BTI provides visibility so companies can begin to understand traveler behavior and their company’s travel patterns. We are giving our customers a way to control the ‘leakage’ that occurs when a strong travel policy isn’t being followed or opportunities to realize savings through travel rate negotiation haven’t been explored.”


Business Travel Insights offers two packages for clients: the basic BTI package uses travel agency and human resources data to create dashboards on air, car rental and hotel spending. This package also includes summary dashboards for quick presentation to executives and gives each traveler a score based on proprietary attributes shown with business travel. BTI Plus also adds company credit card and expense data to track travel spending outside of the managed program and help bring those travelers into compliance.


“We don’t expect our clients to be travel experts,” continued Rizzi. “That’s our job. With BTI, we can cut through a forest of data and show clients what they are truly spending. With this information in hand, Travel Leaders Corporate clients using BTI can knit together the best travel program with a strong travel policy that works for both travelers and management. With BTI on their side, a company can get superior negotiated rates, save money in their travel budget and bring all their travelers into compliance. We couldn’t be prouder of this one-of-a-kind product for our clients and look forward to using BTI to serve them even better.”


Travel Leaders Corporate is a wholly-owned division of Travel Leaders Group, specializing in business travel fulfillment, strategic meetings management and data analytics.


For more information or to take advantage of Travel Leaders Corporate’s personalized service and cutting-edge corporate business travel solutions that provide a complete travel enrichment experience, email or call 877-404-4173.


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About Travel Leaders Corporate
Travel Leaders Corporate is part of Travel Leaders Group, which manages leisure, business and franchise travel operations under a variety of diversified divisions and brands. Travel Leaders Corporate has three service offerings – Travel Fulfillment, Travel Consulting and Meetings Management – which can be used independently or combined for maximum results. At Travel Leaders Corporate, each client is served by a dedicated team of professional travel agents assigned to each account. With a reputation built on reliability and a commitment to excellence, Travel Leaders Corporate offers its clients industry-leading products and services, and continuously seeks higher levels of performance. With employees in more than 120 cities across the United States, Travel Leaders Corporate is a forward-thinking, innovative company with a focus on continually improving the customer experience.

2018: Year of the Travel Agent
Travel Leaders Group has named 2018 Year of the Travel Agent. Over the last decade, the travel agency industry has flourished through technology, the growth of travel options and personalized service. Travel Leaders Group represents approximately 52,000 travel agents with unmatched expertise in 135,000 destinations and 53,000 areas of interest. Travelers and suppliers have rediscovered the value a professional travel advisor delivers to the travel experience. Travel agents help to move people around the world, and keep our economy growing.


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